Preferred Customer Program

Never Miss a Day of LifesMiracle Products

Join LifesMiracle Preferred Customer Program. IT'S FREE! We know that some people who love and use our products may not want to be a distributor. In order to accommodate these people, we have created a Preferred Customer Auto-Ship Program giving discounts as well as worry free convenience.

Convenience and Savings!

To become a preferred customer and purchase the product wholesale price, click here

Preferred Customers Receive These Benefits:

  • Preferred Customer wholesale pricing!
  • Products are delivered right to your door!
  • FREE online subscription to our Product Updates and News!
  • Qualify for special promotions and events!
  • Secure personal on-line order access!
  • Qualify for special Product Conference calls!
  • DISCOUNTS on all future product releases!

Convenience and More Savings!

Join as a distributor and purchase all lifesmiracles products at 50% below retail cost

Wholesale Customers/Distributors Receive These Benefits:

  • For a $39.95 Member Fee you get all of the benefits above!
  • You will receive a Starter's Kit that includes a 30-day supply of Ionic Sea, plus product brochures!
  • And you get an additional 20% off the Preferred Customer discount! (50% off Retail)
  • You do not have to distribute or sell to get these discounts!
  • There are no obligations to purchase additional products!
  • You can earn commissions on any sales volume generated by you or any of your team members! More Information