Preferred Customer Program

Never Miss a Day of LifesMiracle Products

Join LifesMiracle Preferred Customer Program. IT'S FREE! We know that some people who love and use our products may not want to start their own independent business. In order to accommodate these people, we have created a Preferred Customer Auto-Ship Program giving the same wholesale discount that our representatives receive as well as worry free convenience.

Note: This program does not apply to the water units.

Convenience and Savings!

to become a preferred customer and purchase the product wholesale price, click here

Preferred Customers Receive These Benefits:

  • Preferred Customer wholesale pricing!
  • Products are delivered right to your door!
  • FREE online subscription to our Weekly Product Updates and News!
  • Qualify for special promotions and events!
  • Secure personal on-line order access!
  • Track your orders online 24/7!
  • Qualify for special Product Conference calls!
  • DISCOUNTS on all future product releases!

Convenience and More Savings!

Join as a distributor and purchase all lifesmiracles products at 20% below wholesale cost

Preferred Customers Receive These Benefits:

  • For a $39.95 Member Fee you get all of the benefits above!
  • You will receive a Starter's Kit that includes a 30-day supply of Ionic Sea, a two day supply of Cellilux, a six day supply of Nitro3 Caps, plus product brochures!
  • And you get an additional 20% off the Preferred Customer discount!
  • You do not have to distribute or sell to get these discounts!
  • There are no obligations to purchase additional products!
  • You can earn commissions on any sales volume generated by you or any of your team members! More Information