"Much More Than an Energy Drink! Revitalizing Power for the Mind and Body... Now in the convenience of a Capsule!"

  Dr. Kurt Grange PhD., Biophysiologist

Ionic Fuel Nitro3 Caps is the Healthy Alternative to Energy Drinks for anyone concerned about their health, it's a first of its kind supplement for the energy you want along with the nutrition you need! It's a proprietary blend of minerals, fruit extracts, and specific herbs and nutrients for the "Ultimate Energy Drink in a Capsule!"

It's the most nutritionally balanced energy formula ever developed... and has no artificial ingredients! Balancing plant extracts, ionicminerals,vitamins, and adrenal buffers help you Power Dare to compare Nitro3 Caps with any energy product in the marketplace! Power Up Without Burning Out!

There are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, additives, or preservatives... in Ionic Fuel Nitro3 Caps!

We list every ingredient so you know exactly what you're getting!
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60 capsules/30 day supply

Supplement Facts

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"I'm not an energy drink or coffee drinker so I was skeptical of what Ionic Fuel could do for me but wow! I had more energy with Ionic Fuel than I knew what to do with! And even better, there was no crash afterwards like with the other energy drinks and supplements I've tried. I tried two caps... and I was able to take a 25 mile bike ride and feel wonderful afterwards! Being an athlete depletes your body from vitamins and nutrients that we need for a speedy recovery... and Ionic Fuel is the way to go!" ~Jamie D.

"I play a lot of golf and I never liked energy drinks because of the way they made me feel, like out of control, especially on delicate shots, and I never played well when I used them. Ionic fuel doesn't do that! I played in a tournament last week with only a few hours sleep and the Ionic Fuel gave me the energy, not only to sustain my energy, but also to maintain my focus on the finesse shots! It takes a lot of INNER STRENGTH AND FOCUS to play at a competitive level and Ionic Fuel gives me that!" ~Randy R.

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