The ONLY mineral supplement with an analysis nearly IDENTICAL to human bone! Brought to you by Dr.Kurt Grange ND, PhD and Dr. Jeff Bennert BCND PhD-- The Pioneers in Ionic Nutrition!

Dr. Kurt Grange
Getting and Keeping Your Body's Fluids Alkaline is Possibly the Most important Thing You Can do for Your Long-Term Health!

- Dr. Kurt Grange PhD., Biophysiologist

Just add one sachet to a quart or more of purified or ionized water and drink throughout the day.

Sango Coral from the Dominican Republic

Our Coral comes from the Dominican Republic where the waters are still pure and clean.

Others sell Coral from Okinawa where the waters may have been contaminated by the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster!


Most Complete!

The ONLY Mineral Supplement nearly identical in makeup and proportion to human bone.

That means you get EVERY mineral your body needs, all in balanced proportion to each other!

You Know What You're Getting!

No GMOThere are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, additives, or preservatives in Ionic Sea! We list every ingredient so you know exactly what you're getting!

Click below for the complete ingredient list!

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Ionic Sea Sango Coral Mineral Complex

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