HydroCal Plus is a groundbreaking new supplement for adding the benefit of high-dose active Molecular Hydrogen (H2), in addition to 74 highly active bio-available coral minerals.

As the capsule reacts in the intestine, millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles infuse to the body's cells. Molecular Hydrogen generates an electron-rich potential (-ORP) that can be measured! What is Molecular Hydrogen? Two hydrogen atoms combine to form Molecular Hydrogen (H2), the smallest and most mobile molecule in existence. Molecular Hydrogen's exclusive property gives it greater cellular bio-availability than any other nutrient or nutraceutical. Because hydrogen is so small, it can penetrate deep into the cells to eliminate free radicals at their source in the mitochondria. Also, due to its size, hydrogen can easily cross the blood brain barrier to eliminate free radicals in the brain.

source: MolecularHydrogenFoundation.org

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HydroCal Plus Coral is not harvested from Japanese waters!

30 capsules / 30 day supply

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